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Texture (Decal) Bleeding



I created a color with a decal. I applied the color to the surface of a part. The decal shows up great on the part. However, when I put the part into a large top level assembly, the decal bleeds over every thing else.

Any solutions on how to get rid of this bleeding?

The decal where it's supposed to be:

View attachment 29

The decal where it's not supposed to be:

View attachment 30


New member
Jason -

A couple of thing to check -

1) did you apply the decal in assembly mode? This can lead to strange things happening. Better to apply appearances in part mode.

2) did you change the file format to decal (ie .tx1 or whatever the extension is) or did you apply a .jpg or other picture format directly? Sometimes changing the format helps

you might want to check for more info :)

oh, one more thing. if you are positioning or re-arranging your scene within the photo render menu it helps to exit photo render menu and re-enter it. Sometimes I think pro/e gets lost


New member

Saw a presentation at the Conference by John Randazzo, he suggested offsetting the surface that you want the decal to be on to eliminate the bleeding. Only needs to be a couple thousands offset then apply the color to that surface. Maybe this will work for your application?


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