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text on curved surface


Active member
I need to use the text in sketcher mode for pasting company name on cylindrical surface.

I tried to use projected curve for this purpose but then coloring is problem.

Please help.



New member
You would have to change the color of the datum curve, I would suggest either make a cut or protrusion of the curve then color the surfaces of the feature or take a picture of the logo and map it onto the surface. The only problem with the 2nd idea is it will only show up shaded or rendered not on a drawing.

If you wanted to bring the image into the drawing you could bring it in as an OLE file and position it where it should be on the drawing.


Active member
Thanks Charleskim,

But I am searching for an option like formed datum curve. On the inside sufrace of a tube it works. Something like this if it can work on the outer suface of the tube or cylinder.

Is the projected datum curve the only option I can use?

Thanx for reply


New member
After you create your projected datum, you can use the tweak - offset command to extrude the curves on the cylindrical surface. Within this command, you can choose if you want to make the tweak normal to sketch, or normal to surface

Depending on how many letters you have projected, the file size won't be too bad.

Here is a picture

View attachment 308


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