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Text on a model surface


New member
I want to put text on a model surface to look like laser engraving. I want the text to be a different color/shade than the surface I am puting it on. Is this possible?
You could either use datum curves or create a 2d iges file and import into a part.

As for the color, you can assign different color by modifying line style.
if you create a datum curve for your graphics. you can then create a cut, to say .005 deep, do a use edge, picking your datum curve as the driver. this would be approx. how deep a lazer would cut the material. then change the surface color by doing a view, cosmetic, color & apperance, pick surface color. then pick the surfaces to change.
If you do it using curves you can also choose the section option when creating them. We do this quite often because we don't specify depth or keep it a constant on this type of thing. Just adjust the cross hatching in the section of curves to give it an appearance of shading and not actually affect the surface of the part.
Here is the best way to do that. Create a Formed Datum Curve with text. Then do a Feature>Create>Tweak>Offset, Select the surface you want cut, when in sketcher mode select Use Edge>Select Loop, and then select the text you want cut. Let me know if you have any problems.
Try creating a surface by copy and then a datum-curve with your text. Then create an extruded surface using the text datum-curve for sketching. use-edge on the text as suggested by eServ.

For some reason, text is not available in surface feature sketches (it is in datum-curve and solid feature sketches) so the datum-curve is a workaround.

Then trim the copied surface with the text surface.

You can then use the trimmed quilt to create a thin cut or protrusion - your choice.

Of course you can always apply a decal to your model...


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