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text following helical curve


New member
How do I create text on the outside surface of a cylinder, BUT have the text follow a helix? Can this be done???

100 points & a smiley face sticker to anyone who figures this out!!!
Can't really be done, but you could use a projected section on the surface. Just sketch the text at the same angle as the helix's pitch. It will appear to work ok, but only on I side of the part(ie 90 degrees rotation).
i will give you some quick and efficient info :

create a cylinder like below :

View attachment 208

create a datum plane tangent to this edge and parallel to one of you vertical planes and sketch a datum curve as below :

View attachment 209

now create a projected curve (selected curve) , select each letter individuall (curve chain>select all) and project this curve along the surfaces of the cylinder (select the two surfaces), and last project the curve norm to surface.

you must now have the following result :

View attachment 210

hide the first curve and :

View attachment 211

Now: Feature > create > solid > tweak > offset

Norm Off, Sket region, Side Nrm To Surf

select the two surfaces of the cylinder

use the tangent plane you created before for sketching plane

use edge tool of sketcher, loop, select each letter

yes i know... just be patient....

and you have the following result :

View attachment 212

ok from the sketcher, be carefull for outwards side of material and see the result :

View attachment 213

also if you want to play more just sketch a more complicated curve then sketch a text using following curve, project this curve on the cylindrical surface and so on....

hope this helps

hi x cad will i be able to maintain the angle and the required turns if i folow this procedure?