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Testing User's Knowledge in Job Interviews



One of my jobs is to screen potential employees by testing their knowledge of Pro/ENGINEER. What methods do you use to test their knowledge? What do you have them model?
i would say that pro/e is not only a singal criteria to screen potential employees, you should look out for the knowledge that he has and the experiance.

pro/e is just an tool ulised in every field with its own importace.
We use a basic model that is representative of what we see in our work enviroment. We usually give the canidate 30-45 min to complete the model and generate drawings. In general, you learn a lot about a person when you see them at work and therefore an evaluation goes beyond Pro\E proficency.
We bring in all new emolyees as contact labor for the first six month before we hire them. If a new employee is not willing to agree to this he probably has something to hide.
You can ask then question about Pro/Surface, tables, merge, PDM, intralink, & more. I do not agree that a new employee has something to hide if he/she does not agree to being a contractor. This is not always true. Keep a open mind.
You can ask then question about Pro/Surface, tables, merge, PDM, intralink, & more. I do not agree that a new employee has something to hide if he/she does not agree to being a contractor. This is not always true. Keep a open mind.
Just because you are not willing to hire in as a contractor, doesn't mean you have something to hide. I have turned down jobs before that require you to be on contract for 6 months before they'll hire you, because I have a family and I need benefits. My resume should speak for itself.
As a manager temp-hire is a good way to go depending on market conditions.

Besides, what's wrong with checking references ???
We are currently testing all of our users with Pro-Ficiency. When that is finished we will be able to create a basic baseline where we want peoples skills and test potential employees to see where they stand.

Also, if you contact PTC's educational services they can create a custom test for you, adding or taking out questions or problems. We had no need or training in sheetmetal so they took the whole section out for us. Now we have standardized test. I honestly didn't care for the ProFiciency to much when I first looked at it, but after our custom test was created, I like it.

I did see one quirky thing about it though, it changed two of my answers that I had correct to a wrong answer. My score was slightly off because of this.
Here's another idea.

RAND Worldwide offers a very low priced tool called User Knowledge Profile . It can be adiministered through the web. It has questions as well as practical tasks. It uses trail files to assess the users methods. It then provides a detailed report to the person who purchased the User Knowledge Profile, in this case you. The report includes, among other information, a comparison of the person being tested to the Pro/ENGINEER community.

Not only is this a reliable and affordable tool that gives you a lot of feedback about the person you are interviewing, it saves you a lot of money in expenses paid for transportation and lodging for the candidate. If the candidate is coming from a distant geographic location.

The following links lead you to this tool.

I agree with eServe and tpbakos, just because someone is unwilling to accept a short term contract, it does not mean they have something to hide. I too have a young family and although my husband is the main breadwinner, I could not afford to take on a temporary contract, even with the promise of a permanent job at the end of it. Who knows? You could be using us to clear a back log and no longer require us after the six months, but attract us with a slight chance of a permanent contract.
I would agree that a person doesn't necessarily have something to hide by not wanting to hire in as a contractor first, but in this economy I would think almost any offer is a good offer. Work is scarce. I realize if I lost my job, a new one would be hard to find. There are a lot of good people out there layed off. Many are willing to work as a contrator before becoming permanent (myself included). A contract job without benefits is better than unemployment without benefits. Just my two cents.
Every team has plenty of room for those who have weak CAD skills but does a great job with concepting and feasibility assessment; you can always find a junior guy (who worships the machine) to crank out layouts and drawings under the senior guys direction. Detailing is only a small part of a successful design effort!

You're posting is out-of-category, but...

Are you trying to create a protrusion with a sine function? I did that once in 2000i^2 and learned the hard way that the argument of the function must be in DEGREES (although it doesn


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