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Tapped Hole Depth


New member

im a newbie just started using ProE2001 at uni. Can anybody explain how a tapped hole depth is specified? For example If i want to produce a 7/16-14 UNC hole i can only seem to pick the default 1.10 as depth. If I change this it always reverts back to 1.10.

As a rule of thumb, you can determine thread depth as a one dia depth, one and a half dia depths, two dia thread depths and so on and so forth. 1.10 looks closer to 2.5 dia depth. Are you sure that the 1.10 is Thread Depths?

Now I can open your www... I can modify the numbers and it regenerate find. The only different was my numbers go out to four decimal places and yuurs two decimals places. ???

Doh! I just relised you have to enter the figure then press enter to finalise the change of variable. Thanks for your help anyway.

Thanks again.


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