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swept blend use edge(sketch traj.)


New member
Hello everyone:

I'm trying to finish a thread end (wf2) so the thread is not flat on the end. I remember that in pro-e 2001 i was able to do it with swept blend use edge sketch trajectory and I can't get to work.thanks in advance.

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Hi arroyopr

it is the forum of UG not WF, any way it could be done by general blend not by swept blend if u like i will send u a part by email then u can check how to do it. Give me ur email add. u can contact me by [email protected]



Hi William

This feature should be done by rotational blend. After making thread go to insert >> blend >> protrusion >> rotational, andchose the end of thread (1) as sketch plane.

use edge (for section) of end of thread and make it close, draw horizontal line from intersecting point (1 of pic 2) at the intersectin of vertical refrence (axis of previous feature) make a co ordinate system (2)

now go to next section, input 10 for y axis rotation angel, make a co ordinate system and a point, point will remain 25mm at right side of co ordinate sys and t mm up side from co ordinate sys. to calculate the t value the fomula is

(pitch/360)x10 (how much your thread will go in 10d travel)

now finish the sketch, select smooth and define tengency of start section like this

and now you can finish the feature. You can make cuts like this and if u r using acme or square thread then u must draw a line instead of point. the part will look like this

any comments, critisises are welcome



New member
What is the significance of the 25 mm to the right of the coordinate system in the second sketch? Also, what does the second sketch look like? Does the size (dimensions) of it matter? Does it need to match the first one other than the number of sides?