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Sweeps and Blends in Wildfire


New member
I'm trying to model a 'fan' blade type object in Wildfire and having a hard time. I've done sweeps in other versions before but I can't seem to figure it out now. The only thing even remotely like that is the Variable Section Sweep. When using it, I can't figure out how to switch sections and specify depths. Am I going about this all wrong? Help!!!



Wheels America Racing
Ok, either something is different, or I have a bad memory. I select my traj, then draw my first section. I can't figure out how to switch sections and if I try to exit sketcher it says it needs a coordinate system. Whats up with this? I have sketcher references. I don't get it.
A Variable Section Sweep does not have multiple sections. Only Blends and Swept Blends have multiple sections. With those features, to switch between sections, right mouse click and choose Toggle Sections.

Here's what you have with VSS:

1. Section plane orientation control (or whatever they call it in WF)

2. The ability to use multiple trajectories

3. The ability to write relations in the sketch of the section using trajpar

4. The ability to use datum graphs with above relations

Dave Martin

Are you trying to create a simple blend? The reason I ask is because of the co-ordinate system that sketcher requests.

If you are trying to complete a general or rotational blend, you will need a co-ordinate system in each section. Simple blends, blend from section to section in one direction (normal to the sketching plane). A general or rotational blend uses the local co-ordinate system created in each section sketch to locate each subsection with respect to one another as Pro/E rotates/translates from section to section.

In a general blend, you sketch the section, add the CSYS, exit sketcher, and then enter the rotational values about the X,Y, & Z axes, and then proceed to the sketch the next section, repeat as many times as required, and then finally enter each of the depth values for Pro/E to blend from section to section.

Hope this helps...

There are a couple sample parts using blends to create fan blades here online at Pro/E. Looking at how they were created should help you.