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Surfacing with Sheetmetal


New member
Does anyone know if you can combine Surfacing with Sheetmetal? Or if you can, is it good modeling practice? I am knew to surfacing and I have had instances where Sheetmetal isn't cable of bridging gaps between walls. Thanks in advance!

I often need to flatten parts created by surfacing. An example would be an upholstry panel that has an irregular shape but the supplier then needs a flat pattern for cutting out the cardboard/foam. Typically I try to use:


If the geometry is quite complicating this may not work then I do use sheetmetal after converting it to a protrusion. Especially if I need to better control the rip. As for wether it's good modeling practice or not, I took a PTC approved sheetmetal course where this very topic was covered briefly. In some situation I see no other way of accomplishing the task.



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