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surface, where is create>surface>flat?


New member
looking for commands that were logical in 2001 but not in WildFire...

2001 feature>create>surface>flat

in WildFire?

sorry but I don't find the WildFire interface very good and the help files aren't very helpful either


It's changed to Edit > Fill

I've been looking at PTC's documentation provided with Wildfire - I would rate it as excellent.

There are overviews of new & improved features.

Plus - there are details of how to do common tasks, etc...

I was able to work thru a couple of tutorials & get a good feel for the new interface.

Look in your Wildfire installation for the help files (something like:


or online here:

I'm fed up with people complaining about the new interface. After hearing some strong opinions about Wildfire, then using it myself, I've found it to be better than expected. There are loads of small changes that improve Pro/E for frequent users.

I would say the good points far outweigh the bad...


New member
I've been using Wildfire for a couple of months now, and I have found it excellent to use. The most important thing i have found that is useful for the upgraded user is the menu mapper. The menu mapper shows an old ProE screenshot. You then go through the old sequence of commands for what you want to achieve, then the menu mapper tells you what and where to find the correct command in Wildfire. Try it it's VERY handy.

Wildfire is new, so give it a chance. You'll get used to the interface. It took me about a week to get used to it, that was using the menu mapper though.


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