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surface to solid


New member
I've heard there's a way to make a surface into a solid in sheetmetal. Does anyone know how to do this? Actually, I really don't care abuot sheetmetal, does anyone know how to make a surface into a solid period? I just need to create a small wall thickness. Thanks.


New member
You can offset the surf and select the side quilts option.

The depending on which rev of pro you are using you can creat protrusion>use quilt.



New member
Make a solid with the Use Quilt option. Your surface must be completely closed (no yellow edges).

You can also use the Thin option.


New member
In ver 2001 you'd insert >thin protrusion>use quilt. What i don't understand is if you use controlled fit and some prompt comes up asking if you wish to handle surfaces, how do you use this function? Any direction in literature on this would be appreciated.