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Surface model viewing


New member

I hav some problems in viewing a proe part file which consists of
grouped features, patterns and surfaces. This file was actually sent
from a company to me. If i change it to .SLT format i could view all
the features (ie complete part) but with the mesh. If i see it as a
part file i see only surfaces and not other features.....plz drop in
few suggestions if any of u hav an idea bout this.....


New member
It could be a shrinkwrap Pro/E part. A Pro/e shrinkwrap part will only be of the external features. This is done for one of two reasons: 1. You cannot reverse engineer the part or 2. Reduction in file size. What confuses me is exporting to .STL and being able to see all features. Are you attempting to view the part while in shaded mode? Does changing to wireframe change what you are seeing?