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Surface Gaps Conexity Problem

You can increase the merging distance in the join command,

If this distance is not too big. If it is then you will have to make some patches
thank you so much for your reply and please could you please briefly tell me how to use healing tool I read from catia help but I dont not understand is there other tool to use to repair gaps whe connexity problems appear?

kind rergards

When transfer the data from different CAD software there will be data lost.

In your case the surface already broken because the calculation of the
surface in the DELCAM is different compare with CATIA, so you not able
to get the solid.

What you need to do in this case is repair the surface in the CATIA.

You may use the function like : Trim, Extrapolate, Join, Disassemble, Extrude, Split

These are the basic function to do the surface repair and to join the gap between the surface.

It take quite a long time to do it and need patient.

If you feel hard to do it, you may outsource it to us.

Contact us at [email protected]
To Heal surfaces, you hold down the Join icon and select heal. You enter a value that you are willing to let the surfaces deviate from their current state, then you enter a target for the distance of the gaps in the resultant surface. The nice thing is, if you input a deviation of 0.5mm with a target of 0.01mm, if the heal fails, CATIA will show you the location of the failure and give an error like "0.8mm gap" you adjust your deviation to 0.8mm and try again.

Beware, it will change the surfaces.


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