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Surface development


New member
I have a surface generated in 3D, maded by blend comand. Now I want to see it in a drawing ( 2D) in the real dimensions for cutting the sheetmetal. Is there anyway to make it, with ProE or with ProSheetmetal? I have ProEngineer R20.

If it bends in more than one direction I dont think you can make a flat pattern from it in Pro. You may be able to use flatten quilt. feature>create>tweak>flatten quilt

It is bend in more than one direcion. I tried the option feature>create>sheetmetal>flatten form but it dosen't allowed me to do any selection about Form or Edge Treat. In any case ProE (R20) generates the Flatten Form. Now the question is how to see it. I tried the Unbend option but I can't choose any option, ProE saids innapropiate geometry selected and failes.

Any suggestion is accepted.

Thanks in advance.
The geometry is inappropriate because it bends in more than one direction. Pro cannot figure out how much it stretches in a compound curve. If the compound section is a local detail you could create it using a form and Pro will flatten everything but the form area. It has been awhile since Ive had to do any sheet metal you may want to look at in tech support.
Just to add to what Mike has said, if the section is not a local detail (e.g. a blended wall with a multi-directional bend), you may be able to unbend it manually by creating a deformation area. However, this should be used with caution as the resulting unbent Pro/E model may not be representative of the actual sheetmetal flat part. Deform areas should be controlled by the user, otherwise Pro will assume a geometry that it is able to calculate fairly easily, but is, more often than not, unacceptable.
take the original geometry when it is a surface and create a flatten quilt. Now use it to create a thin protrusion , from quilt. Now use tweak>solid bend to bend the flatten quilt back to the desired finished shape


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