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surface creation


New member

I am working on a solar car part that is seperated into two features, the body and the canopy. The canopy was originally designed as a SOLID - THIN || Blend, however, I have come to discover that a beter intent was to make it into an open surface || blend. I have no formal professional courses in PRO/E 2001, so any help would be benefical. How would I change the solid to a surface? Or better yet, how can I copy the geometry to another feature yet leaving the references a duplicate but now independent (the new feature will have not be a child of the solid).


Michael Balsamo
dear mikepolis, open that solid model then feature>create>surface>new>copy>done>solidsurface. you can a surace on a complete model. why cant you crate a wblock of that surace and save it in separate file. example mikepolis.prt. bye from s.satish kumar (design engg)sharjah uae
can you explain what that Wblock is. I was thinking of saving the drawings of the slices as a section and then importing it, but I never experimented with the drawings being on different sub-sections.

Will the prescribed technique create a feature that is not a child of the solid?

Thanks again,

Michael Balsamo
Mr. mikepolis wblock means creating udf library>stand alone>select the feature to be addeded to udf library. select that surface. which you made a surface copy method. give a proper reference.bye from satish kumar sharjah uae (E-mail id: [email protected])


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