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surface copy


New member
Dear friends i am having one question regarding the copy.

I am having one bottle it is shelled, Inside the bottle shell i had creted the surface by this method. Feature>create>surface>copy>done>surfacace&bnd. My aim is to copy that surface feature to other file. How? from satish kumar (E-mail id: [email protected])

You can use feature create>data sharing>Ext Copy Geom>then select surfaces option>browse the model you would want to copy from>select Co-ord Sys of that model>select corresponding cys on the prt ur copying TO and OK.

Note that both the files should have a similar co-ord sys so that the location of the surface is same on both the models.
hi satish,

That anterior response is OK, but is depends, which license you have, If you have only up to Pro/E Foundation II, You can use this method.

One other method is to try export as IGES/VDA/STEP/or anything else, ... only that quilt .

In export menu, choose select surfaces, ... quilts, pick on quilt...

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