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Surface color and explode view in detailing


New member
Hi there,

I am currently using ProE Wildfire. I have two questions.

1. Is there a way to have more than one color in a single surface of a


2. Please tell me how to get an exploded view while detailing

(drawing). I also choose exploded in the options while creating

drawing view. Still I didn't get it. Can anybody give me a step by step procedure for this.




Active member
Yes you can. Split the surface into the number of patches by sketching a datum curve. This is the only way to get different colors for same surface of a part.

For your drawing question see the free tips & tricks page by PTC.



New member
You have to define your exploded state in assembly mode.

When parts do not explode automatically (caused by default placements) move them by hand in the modify explode menu.

Save your exploded view with a name for easy retrieval on your drawing.



New member
For the Exploded View: In 2001, View>Modify>Mod Explode is where you will find the options for an exploded view, if you do not use Huug's assembly view states mode option.