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Supressing features in drafting i.e. machined extrusion


New member
Is there a way of suppressing part features in the drafting of a drawing? I have an extrusion which features further machining. I wish to have the extrusion profile in one drawing and the machining detail in another without having to use 2 models. Is this possible?


New member
I don't think you can suppress features from within the drawing, but I just suppress the feature on the model then create the first drawing then 'resume' the feature to create the finished drawing.



New member
In 2001 the choice is Views>Represent.... Choose a view or all views and choose which features to suppress. I have chosen this option before and had problems with it.

You could also Family Table the part and features. Family Table is probably the cleanest way to go.


The master model merge technique is another way if you are going to do a lot of machining features or machine several different products from the same extrusion.


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