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Supress Parent w/out deleting feature


New member
I want to suppress an .IGES frame from Pro/MECHANICA,

but the features are dependent on the IGES. I do not want the IGES frame in my part file. Any suggestions?



If you have the Advanced Assembly Extension (AAX) of proe you can use the Data Sharing option.

Feature > Create > Data Sharing > select the surfaces you wanna copy from the iges model and before you end thje procedure turn them independed.

Now you have a native proe file with imported surfaces, use them to create solids (use quilt).

It is not the best way but it works well for simple parts


You can also use simp reps to remove the iges from the model then create a shrinkwrap part and make it solid.

Create an empty asm. Add whatever it is you want to make a model for.

Add an empty part.

use modify>mod part and pick the empty part.

User feat>create>data sharing>shrinkwrap.

Make sure you have created a simp rep and substituted the simp rep of the model without the iges frame.


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