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Subject Headings - Be Specific



Subject Headings - Be Specific

When posting messages in the forums, it's important to be specific with your subject heading. This allows users to efficiently browse the forum messages and post timely responses. When subject headings are not specific, it's difficult to search the archives for specific threads.

Please avoid subject headings such as:


<LI>Please Help!

<LI>Having Trouble

<LI>It Won't Work</LI>[/list]
...and be more specific with heading such as:

<LI>Projecting Curves onto a Cylinder

<LI>Using Hole Notes in a Drawing

<LI>How Do I Show GD&T (GTOL) in a Note?

<LI>Dual Dimension Tolerances</LI>[/list]

Thank you, and have fun!

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