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Structure Design - Custom Sections


New member

I've tried and tried and tried with reading the help files on making custom sections and applying them to the shape feature of the structures design workbench. The idea is to make a wireframe model and then apply custom sized tubings for each line.

I've edited catalogs and think I did them right, but the newly added sections don't show up. There are also several catalogs in my installation and some of them mentioned in the help files do not exist in my installation.

I'm really frustrated now and out of patience. Can anyone help? Thank you so much.

you can use "powercopy"

if it is created, you can
- click a line
- enter the parameters of the crosssection
- maybe define some orientations

the custom-made tube will be generated automatically on
the line with correct shape & correct orientation

if you have many different shapes, e.g. T,I,E....
you can create different powercopies and save them into a
catalog for convenience to choose.

Powercopy is like a script for modeling.
you have to use a sketch
link the sketch with the design table
rename the geometry according documentation or look at a catalog model from catia
publish the geometry according documentation
put the geometry in catalog
resolve the catalog

take care at the paths defined
try to use the help step by step, it is a little confusing when you start but after few try's
you will get it

I believe powercopy is very usefull function, but i would like to use the structure design - and also, i have a problem to create my own profil in this area. (structure design has much better properties and functions than powercopy -> i want tocreate a structure of UPN, IPN, UPE and etc. profiles, but there's no type of this profiles in catia library - i mean, no standard dimensions...)

how can i do it? has anyone a good tutorial for strucuture design or where i can find it (i found some, but there was nothing about how can i create my own section profiles)?

thx, peter

p.s sorry for my english :-o


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