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strange surfacing thing... (with images)


New member
My boss asked me to see if anybody had any ideas for trying to take two surfaces and adding another to it by connecting to the tangent point on each one. The images I attached will show that we are trying to connect the top blue surface at the tangent point to the orange surface at the tangent. The orange is basically a sphere and the blue is a rounded over surface that is swept around a square with rounded off corners.

Hopefully the images come through:

<img SRC= NOSAVE height=227 width=350>

<img SRC= NOSAVE height=262 width=350>

If not, here is the link:
Trying to post the image again. There should be either a preview post button or an edit button.

<img SRC=>

Hmm... Let me try.

<img src=>
I'll take a look at the code and see what is going on. It automatically turns URLs into links. I'll see if we can make it work. Give me a couple days. Trying to take a break after staying up into the wee hours of the night getting this site ready.

if you send me a sketch of what you want i can do it for you

and send the pro/e part to you.

i need a sketch with dims of both parts and what kind

of tangencies you need.

[email protected]

(no charge of course.i just like surfacing)

i work in 2000i2 release
Well, I have received files from two people, Wayne and Ron. So far, I don't know that we have a winner. Ron's was closer to what we want, but still not 100%. Wanye may be able to use this to come up with something, since I guess I was not explaining myself clearly enough, his file was really different, but still met the tangency criteria.

I have two more images for you all to look at, here they are:

These are two images that show the part with a surf-surf radius on the part. We would like straight surfaces between the tangents, similar to the radius above.

If it makes it any easier, the part can be had here:
okay, let me try to get this straight. you want to connect the two surfaces at the tangency points. Do you want them to become one surface?
Create datum curves using intersections between the sphere and the upper ring.

**Use datum planes as the second surface reference while creating the curve from intersections.

Create datum curves on each of the planes that are tangent to both the sphere and the upper rim (using the intersecting curves as a sketch reference).

Use these curves to make a boundary blend surface or build it properly in ISDX.

I think that might do it.

Are these what you need.

<img src=http;//>

<img src=http;//>

I will mail them to you as well.

That is exactly what we want. I sent you an e-mail as well, but for everyone else, how did you do it?

Sorry, I have not been following this post I still think there needs to be an e-mail notification of new postings to it.


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