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Stp model to solid model

Alan Galbraith

New member
Hello All

Got a stp model opened using SW.....file has opened as many surfaces creating the model and i wonder if i can convert the model to solid to allow me to apply material types for looking to apply a plastic to assess component weight etc

Anyone any ideas ??


Hi Alan,

Try saving the model opened in solidworks(with many
surfaces you said) to IGES. Now open the saved IGES again
in solidworks. Hope it should open as a single dumb file.

Now add material to the dumb solid and do your analysis.
Hi There

Thanks for your advise.....yesterday i found a method of doing this activity. Using SW 'knit surface' command there is an option to convert your surfaces to a solid during the knit process....this is quite a slow process on a file of any size however it worked a treat. Then i had my dumb model to apply my material preference.

Again many thanks for your in-put


Open the file using File>open, and when you change the file type to STP you will notice the [References...] button turns into an [Options...] button. Click the options button and there is an option to knit the surfaces on import, select this and you should be good to go.

It will take just as long to knit the surfaces, but at least you won't have to go through the model and select the individual surfaces yourself.



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