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.stl file not giving correct measurement?


New member
I converted my Solidworks part into a .stl file through eDrawings, but I couldn't do measurements on the .stl file in eDrawings despite checking the option to allow measurements when saving the Solidworks part. I opened the .stl file in MiniMagics 2.0, and the measurements are about 5x smaller than what they should be. Does anyone know what's up with this? I would like to ask for RP quotes for this part so I need correct measurements.
*Correction to first post: The part can be as much as 1000x smaller. Also, I'm using the Student Kit edition of Solidworks, hence I cannot save the part as a .stl file directly.

I found a workaround by scaling the part to be 1000x bigger using the Scale function. If anyone knows a better way or why the scale is so off in the first place, I would appreciate it.


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