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step export options


New member
I have been exporting using iges but have often found gaps between surfaces in downstream apps. Some are related to stacking tolerances that result from using composite curves but I found that step has reduced the gaps by more than half.

My question is which version of step will produce the best surface translation (I only use surfaces). The options for Pro seem to be ap203_is or ap214_cd but I have noticed in rhino they have many more variations. Does any one have experience with this or now of any useful lniks? I am exporting to Ideas, Unigraphics, Rhino, Mastercam and Catia.




Ihave the ptc list of step config options if anyone needs them.
Hi Mike,

I would like have the step config options. It would be very much appreciated if you can give me a few pointers on how to use them to get the best result.


Cant attach files here so I will send it to your hotmail account.

Let me know how it works out.

Hi Mike:

The latest step protocols are pretty good when it comes to maintaining geometry, they also keep assembly and subs structures so I don't know why people are still using IGES for translating solid geometry (other than the extra cost of ad on step translators).

As to the difference between AP214 and AP203 the difference is largely academic. It is mostly to do with layer settings and header file info. I work in the automotive industry (AP214 is preferred for Automotive work) and I use step to work between I-deas, Unigraphics and Catia, Since UG ver 16 and Pro/E Ver2000i (I don't know why they don't just call it ver 21) I very seldom get solid bodies outputting as surfaces.

To make Pro/E Use one option or the other just add step_export_format AP214_CD or step_export_format AP203_CD to you and you up and away.

happy translating Skuld ^_^
does this mean that one fo the formats will maintain layers?

This is the main reason our toolmakers prefer iges, because it maintains layers i.e. core,cavity, rising core etc.

Layers make it easier for them to build the parting surfaces etc.

We do not use solids, we are exlusivley automotive and do everything in surfacing.

Thanks for the config tip!

I would like have the step config options. It would be very much appreciated if you can give me.

I will gladly see that config to evaluate them, because I almost every day use export from ProE in Iges or now in step format
Not that I'm aware of. You could make a mapkey to
check/un-check the solid/surfs boxes on the export dialog


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