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std.err file??


New member
What is the std.err file? What is it for?

I have one that says:

RAISING SIGNAL : Signal number : 11

Does anyone know what this means?


This message usally is generated when there is trouble caused by a graphics issue.

Is Pro/E currently functioning?

Has it been prematurally exiting or locking up?

to troubleshoot, delete the std.err file, set your graphics to win32_gdi and see if the issue is resolved. Afterwards you can check to see if a new std.err is generated.

If setting your graphics to win32_gdi resolves the issue then you know the issue was opengl related. At this point you can try to find a more suitable driver for your graphics card and/or try tweaking diffrent graphics settings and then try running again in opengl. Depending on the card you are using you may have no choice but to run in win32_gdi mode.

Post your results afterwards if you still have trouble and I will attempt to assist you futher.