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status line width.


is there away to configure the status bar on wf-2? its default like 4
or 5 lines wide.. i want to make it down to 1, and its annoying doing
it every time i get a new window up.

the status bar thingy is th one which is below the model tree and is tellign u what your doing , ie

"assembly_A has been saved"

its also above the "smart selector gizmo"

it may be trivial but it does take up lots of display room


New member
In Wildfire1 there is a config setting "visible_message_lines" which you can set to 1.

Maybe Wildfire 2 is the same.



New member
hello every one

Even I'm facing the same problem with the message lines ehich puppet had

even if the message line config.pro option is set to the 1

whenever I do a operation like cut,roundetc after finishing the operation the messege lines will be back to 4 lines!!

why this is happening? I didn't face this in WF1

can any one suggest me how to solve this?

thanks in advance



I have the same problem... after you've worked on a feature using the dashboard, WF2 resizes the message lines box - usually to the same height as the dashboard.