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Starting this thing...


New member
ok everyone, heres the deal...

I dont know if anyone is really into paintball like i am, hardcore, but I decided to build a paintball gun body as an assgnment. This is good because everything is easy to build... except the body. It seems there is no way to mold a really impressive gun body, ill i can really do is circles and squares (so to speak) and a little rounding. Yes I am a NEWBIE, I am a sophomore in highschool, but a little help would be really great! Go here for some pics, to get an idea of what im talking about.
There is a model of a gun in Pro/E Central.

Go to files/other models.

It is in the group of files 91-120.
The main body is basicly a protrusion with a complicated cross section from front to back start with that and for the complicated curves on the top use surfaces for cutting (see the TV model) for detailing and things there is a way in sketcher to enter text in.


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