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Starting fresh with 15gig of leagecy


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Good Morning

I have been assigned a new task that presents all sorts of challenges. The meat of the chore is to develop a comprehensive plan for the use of Proe.

The company has used proe for several years in stand alone operations for each user (5 seats). They basically installed in the software and let each user do there own thing. They do not use any pdm or drawing logs, all of the part numbers are created via SAP so there is no order to the logic, the models are stored in


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Heres a home brewed approach..

open the topest assy, open the dwgs.....

I have a series of large mapkeys that do the following

opens a part

strips ALL layers

creates new layers from a file

populates the layers

blanks the layers

parameters can be managed the same way.

Then open the assembly

use mapkeys that do the following

working top to bottom on the model tree...

select a part, run a mapkey that opens the part then the rename dialog.

do this all the way down the list.

save to a new directories...

this is the basic idea, I need to redo this for each new customer, but its a way to do it without any third party sowft ware,

Oh yeah one caveat.

back it all up somewhere first in case you FUBAR it. ;-)



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I could not imagine in my wildest dreams trying to rename/renumber files without Intralink.

The ability for Intralink to allow you rename files without

having to have in session everywhere the renamed files is used is justification enough for the $ expenditure for Intralink.



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I agree with bhacker. Implementing Intralink will be a pain in the butt now but ten times worse if you wait. It should be included (single seat) with each Pro/E license. Are all seats still under maintenance? What version of Pro/E? Hopefully everyone is using the same version and there aren't any files in that 15gig that are not at the current rev.

Sounds like a fun project. I just hope management appreciates the volume of work that is there to do This is a time when shortcuts now could negate any value of the entire database down the road.

Pick out some examples of projects that went well or present an example of what you feel represents best practice. Come up with drawing formats, templates, start parts, etc that reflect that and start having people use them as soon as Intralink is up and running. Make sure any legacy data is checked in to Common Space before it can be used on any future work.



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Have set a meting with the brass to hammer out the lastest. with your input i think i can spark a fire to move forward with implemening Intralink. However I hae never had to start an entirely new with that either so I am sure that I'll be back with more questions.

Thanks For all the Input and advice. It great to have a resource like this to turn too.



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Ok, I have gotten what I wished for, the company has agreed to make the move to intralink. I am going to get a dedicated server and us (the company) all ready have the Intralink licenses with our Proe. They have agreed to pretty much anything I ask for that doesn


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How ironic Chill...below is an excerpt of something I sent out to a few fellow associates just this morning regarding the implementation of Intralink for a recent aquisition.

...As I mentioned yesterday, implementing Intralink properly will require alot of upfront definition of current processes. If this is not done we will greatly increase the probability of painful changes required down the road.

Our implementation here has been untouched for almost 4 years because of detailed definition of our processes.

Please read through these two links that reinforce this critical point. (Implementing Intralink at Steelcase)

Brad Hacker

ME CAD Admin

Zebra Technologies Corp.