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Start Parts


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I am looking for a good resourse to explain start parts and what this can do for me. Can someone point me to a good

Start Part for Dummys?

Where I wrok, we use start parts for part, sheetmetal and assembly models. These start parts contain the three default datum planes, coordinate system and standard parameters which we use to drive title block information and bom's. Also in the start part files, you can set up the seven standard drawing views. When we initially create a model using the start part files, it automatically asks for parametric information such as description, drawn date, drawn by and the like. This information is used in title blocks and bom's as I stated earlier. I find them to be very useful and somewhat of a time saver.
If you are using I2 or 2001 then you are already using start parts you just didn't know it. When you select File >New look for the check box at the bottom of the dialog box labeled Use Default Template. If it is checked you get a new empty part with 3 default datum planes and a coordinate system. It also has some standard layers and parameters. This file can be changed and cusomized and saved as a different file and then referred to using the config option template_solidpart and browsing for the new file. This will become the default start part for all solid parts. There are other config options for other types of start parts such as asm, sheetmetal etc.


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