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Star Trek 1701 E model


New member
I have just submitted this model (or even the Start Trek one) and I'm really curious as to how other modelers would approach something as complicated and difficult as this...
Maybe the part is only suppressed...

Try open your part-->Feature-->Resume-->choose all-->continue

I really can't evaluate it because it has two external copy geometry features. So I guess what you are asking is, How would I start modeling this?. One thing for sure is that it would be nothing but surfaces. I notice there are a lot of open gaps and raised surfaces.
eServ - I'm not about to give away the source models - some things are too valuable, this one is a shrinkwrap hence the gaps and raised surfaces. You should be able to make an assessment on the basis of the geometry shapes.

Speling - I'm sorry you're not impressed..
Are you given the task of modeling this? Does it have to be exact? Can you use this model that you uploaded to create another model? There are too many questions. Anyhow, I would start with the front of the Enterprise and work my way to the back. It looks like you would have to do a lot of experimentation to get things to work out correctly. Again, I would use surfacing for the entire thing. It is difficult for me to give details without actually getting into it.
I made it as exact as I could plus with the option of modeling the internals also - if I had time.

It would be almost impossible to model without surfaces - especially boundary surfaces but the finished model is always solid.

Seems PTC is slowly cottoning on to these obscured features with the intro of style features - they bill these to be new functionality !!!


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