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Square peg in a square hole


New member
I have a square cagenut that I want to assemble in a square hole in both x and y directions. I know that in my native UG I was able to center between two face WITHOUT creating any datum planes. Is there a way to center a square body in a square hole without adding datum planes? I'm using WF.

thanks in advance,

Steve C
Yes. If you know the appropriate distance, you can enter a numerical offset for the mate constraint. You can also write assembly level relations to keep the square body in the center.

David Martin
If you are creating square holes in parts as extruded cuts, throw an axis point in the sketch. This will automatically put a datum axis in the finished feature. I'd do this in the 'peg' models as well (as part of the extrucion sketch).

Thanks, fellows. I've never used the axis point feature before. It seems to do the trick. I wonder if there could be another way, though. If my square cagenut has an axis through it AND datum curves that would represent the square cutout recommended by the manufacturer, could I just align some curves to edges?

Steve C