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Splitting BOM Parametric tables


New member
How do I split a Bom Table while keeping it parametric to the (.asm) file. Some assembly bill of materials take about two to three "E-size" sheets. I havesome (.asm) drawings that have hundreds of partsand one drawing withfour hundred different parts in a single (.asm) drawing. My problem is when I insert my (.tbl) file in the (.asm) drawing the column issix hundred plus inches high. So when Iclickthe(Refit toolbar button)the "E-Size drawing" looks like a 1/8" square. So what I do now is export to AutoCAD and leave the Pro-E bill of material in autocad.

Does anybody know how to split a bom in drawing sheet at a (.rpt.index) I choose ? While keeping it parametric, and have the (rpt.index) continueonto the next three to four sheets?


New member

I think you arelooking for Pagination.

In 2001 and WF2under table menu just below BOM Balloon you'll see it.

This will let you split the BOM and keep it parametric.
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New member
I am working on a drawing that had the BOM split between three sheets. The first sheet had it all the way up, the seond had it half way up to allow a drawing view above it, and the third sheet only had a few lines.

I am adding many more parts, and now I want to change the way it is split. I want to remove that view on sheet 2 and have the BOM go all the way up on sheet 2 as well.

I have removed extents so that the whole thing is on sheet 1. Then I set an extent on sheet 1 and the thing automatically sets an extent on sheet 2, and that is what I can't seem to change.

Any help?


New member

When we have a drawing with a large BOM, we put as much of it on the first sheet. No views other than maybe an ISO if it will fit. Then we put the views on the following sheets. This way the BOM is all viewable from one sheet. This does not solve your pagination issue but I thought if you can get the entire BOM on the first sheet you would not have to split it up between sheets.

As for the table showing up on the second sheet after set extent try this:

[url]http://www.mcadcentral.com/proe/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=29 410&KW=bom[/url]


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You change the extents of any BOM segment the same: just pick the Set Extents option, select the segment for which you want to change the extents, and pick two points on the screen defining the new extents.


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Hi all

Can anyone explain me how to get the title on each segments like header. i saw one option in the same menu "Add title" but am not able to create with that. my requiremet is like i have retrieved 100 instances of a family table with three parameters.after pagination am not getting the parameters name in my second segment.