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Splitting a part in two halves


New member
Sorry People I think I confused some of you with my situation.

Dougr has a good point in using instances but let me try to explain again.

Lets say we have a solid cube and then need to make it a two piece cube. What would be the best way to do this but not just save the file twice and then take each file and cut half of it away making a left and Right? I have modeled a part as a one piece construction but now I need a design that helps manufacturing so they will have access to an internal cavity. Thus I will need to cut the part down the middle. Since it is going to be a 2-pc part now I will need to use joining techniques for alignment and final joining. To put a boss or somthing so each half mates and aligns them properly. Seems like their must be a way to split the model rather than just hack out the side you do not want and then add features.


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