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Spline from data points


New member
How do I create a spline from a known set of points?

I work on suspension coils. I get an excel file from my Engineer that contains x,y, z's. There are many points (170+). I convert that excel file to a .dat file. I know in UG you can create a spline through points from a .dat file.

I need to know how to generate a spline quickly in V5 from a .dat file or some other format. Please help me.

Thank you for your time.
1.if your point are ordered then select first point
press shift key (keep it pressed) select last point then
press spline button.
2. If in the geometrical set you have only the ordered
points then select geometrical set and press spline
Hello again,

First of all i think is better to post your messages
here, not on "Private" because others users will want to
know the same thing.

Regarding the steps...just follow the instructions on
the posts you've read.

PS: Comma delimited= open excel sheet and save as format CSV


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