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Specifying Drawing View Placement


New member
I am trying to specify the placement of drawing view so they can be replicated on other drawings. Is there anyway I can place the view using a coordinate system using 2D coordinates on the drawing? Thank you in advance for your help.



New member
You can create a template drawing and place the template views. Template views will fail only if the views overlap each other when the drawing is created. If you are trying to replicate views on drawings that aren't created yet, this is the way to go. Create or open your template drawing. It can't have a model associated to it when you are done. Select Applications > Template to enter template mode. Now place your views.

If you need more help, Search the Knowledge Database for drawing templates. There are lots of how-to documents.

You may also sketch points in the drawing and manually move views to Vertex. Select the sketched point icon and pick where you want to place it. You may also right click in the drawing area to specify absolute/relative coordinates for the sketched point (2001 and Wildfire). The detail points appear as crossed lines and must be added to a layer and blanked to get rid of them.

You can skip the points and manually move the views to absolute coordinates. This will center the view on the entered location.