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Spaceball 4000 with 9pin serial


New member
I have a couple computers KVMed together and would like to be able to use my Spaceball on both computers also. I know you can get KVM switches with USB share ports, but I have not seen with 9pin serial. Would a simple manual serial switch box work?

manual 4-to-1, 9-pin Switchbox

The Manual 4-to-1, 9-pin Switchbox lets up to 4 computers share 1 EGA/CGA monitor. Or 4 computers can also share 1 mouse with this switch. Requiring no power supply, this KVM switchbox is ideal to sit on a user


New member
Hey thats kinda personal.... =P

cable is about 3 ft. total distance is about 5 ft give or take a few inches.

(FYI: I do not use a kvm.)

Uni Phil

New member
I'm looking at running my spaceball 4000 off a laptop that doesnt have a 9pin serial. When you said you use an extension, is that a 9pin serial to usb.

I really need to use a usb for it, so could i get away with using a usb to 9pin serial?

Uni Phil

New member
I've just recieved an adapter for 9pin to usb, so i can use pro/e off the laptop but after downloading the 3d conextion drivers it can't find the controller.

Do I need to downlaod a different driver by any chance?