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somebody knows as making electrodes in pro/e


New member
first of all verify technology for edm in shoop.

you must verify material, and overburn gap.

after that make surf -> offset (with gap for overburn).

If your surfaces for electrose are to complex and u can not make offset (possible errors: tiny surfaces, etc.) then you have another trick: in mfg when you make your program cheat at tool diameter. :) I personal used this sometimes!

... and I hope is useful, and also not to late :)


New member
The easy thing to do is grab the surfaces needed for your electrode. Then when you machine your electrode (if you use Pro-E) is to specify a negative stock allowance. The negative stock allowance is what your overburn will be. Be sure to check with your toolroom for overburn to use. Sometimes each electrode will be different. You don't have to do anything special to the model. Just don't forget to put the correct negative stock allowance.