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SolidWorks to Proe2001


New member
I'd like to import SolidWorks files into Proe2001 and i tried searching the web for translators and haven't found a good site or any luck in converting these two competitors.



New member
Can you export a step file and then open it in 2001? If you had Wildfire you could export a parasolid and then open that in Wildfire.


New member

I also faced some similar problem. When I import a Parasolid file, it
gives message 'No files or directories found' The file was with
extension '*x_t'.

Does it require saparate lisence for importing parasolid file in ProE/Wildfire?

If anyboby knows it, it will be very helpful for me.




I have had zero sucess importing parasolid files with WildFlower. I posted a similar question a few months back and got no useful response. Looks like it can't be done.


New member
You should be able to export a Pro/E file right from SolidWorks, I know you can in SW2004, I'm not sure about earlier versions.
one note, as with STEP be sure you are importing a part with the Part option and an Assembly with the Assembly option.

If you try to import an assembly into a part you will get errors unless you exported flat.


do as the other member suggest you but i want to say something to you :


If you search for allmodules of proe you will see that is a high end cad software.

In order PTC to win the market of mid-range products (such as solidedge,solidworks,inventor) has made proe with two speeds.

please go to :

[url]http://www.ptc.com/appserver/it/icm/cda/template_lib/product /icm01_product_v.jsp?&im_dbkey=20531&im_language=en& amp;tab=try[/url]

and see the Proe Foundation Advantage, Proe Flex Advantage, Proe Flex3C pdf files for further info

and check carefully the capabilities of each licence

..... that's it.....
Actually they are competitors.

Regardless, Pro/ENGINEER imports the x_t format but you need to
be sure you're importing properly as a part or assembly. You can't
import an assembly as a part.


New member
We "convert" SolidWorks based files quite often to Pro/E files. SolidWorks 2005 writes out Pro/E files - parts andassemblies. It opens up seamlessly in Wildfire 2 (we are on datecode F000), obviously without any "editable" features.

I just wrote out a part from SolidWorks in *.x_t format (with setting parasolid release 13 - I do not know to which release Wildfire reads, the latest release is 15). The file was dragged into the Wildfire window and the part was created, all very smooth.

I think it all depends on which releases one sits regarding SolidWorks and Pro/E.


New member
I do have an answer for your data transfer.

All you could do is save as from solidworks as IGES format (*.igs) file. This is regardless to any version of solidworks.

Open Pro/e 2001. File->open-> select the (*.igs) file you created. Pro/e will auto import the entire model file. You could see the part imported as an imported feature in the model tree...

You will not have the details of the features in pro/e as seen in solidworks. It will be a single imported geometry feature.

Thankyou for the opportunity given to share my experince