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solidify problem w/ imported data


New member
I often run into a problem of "solidifying" a model w/ itsmirrored copy from an imported model from Alias:

I import the one half of the model built in Alias (a new pair of sunglasses in this case), fix gaps or other surfacing problems in Proe (if any), mirror the model, merge the two halfs together, and ... "solidify" it all but often the menu item is not available...

One of my work around is to save an IGES file at this point and to reopen it in Proe. The IGES file would more likely open straight as a solid model and I can go on w/ my work (i.e. adding rounds, etc.).

Any hints to make "solidify" work or to identify where the problem is would be moe than appreciated.



New member
The 1st halp usually comes in as a solid (either directlyfrom Alias or after fixing a few gaps) so there is no need for "solidifying" it. The problem is that the "mirror" tool is not available when the object is a recognized solid. What I usuallydo is delete the surface that closes the model where the other half will fit. I can then use mirror, and then hopefully solidify the whole thing together. But this is where it most often fails.

There might be other ways to make the copy but that's all I found so far...

Thanks for the help.


New member
Ok, this is one of ProE's silly quirks, but easy to accomplish. You are right, mirror isn't available at first when you open a solid. You have to highlight the part name at the top of the model tree, then "mirror" becomes available. Click mirror, select a plane, hit OK. That should do it.


New member
Oh ok good - thank you Mildfire. It worked on a simple part but with the file I was previously working on WF refuses to do the mirroring of the solid part (WARNING: One-sided edge found in MIRROR). Any idea what this is about and how to find/correct the offending surface/edge?