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solid works piping questions


New member
Im new to solid works, i know how to do basic things in normal sketch modes, making flanges or parts isnt an issue for me. I am trying to create tubular turbo exhaust manifolds and intake manifolds, but im having trouble mating the tubes to one another, no matter what i select for mate surfaces it tells me they are incorrect and there is nothing in the online tutorial for this.


New member
I cannot help you, sorry! Hope that by now you have found your answer!

But how can I access this online tutorial you spoke of?

Thanks in advance!



New member
you can do this by going to the picture of the house on the right hand
side then online tutorial. Or clicking the help tab, the drop
down menu will appear, then click online tutorial. It is very useful
when starting out.

Gene Thomas

New member
I have made several large diameter (18 inch) routed ducts successfullythe final assemblyusing reference planes to traverse from one direction to another. I did not attempt to assemble the convoluted duct sections. At the final straight or flanged terminations there did not seem to be a problem. Hope this helps.