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solid edge/solid works to pro e HELP!!


New member

we have recently been given 2 seats, one for solid edge and the other for solid works. We currently use pro-e2001 but moving over to wildfire in the coming weeks. we are not completely happy with the other packages and would like to continue using pro-e.

does anyone know of a good translator to bring over the solid versions into pro-e. We have been given a name of Elysiums CADporter. is this any good and will it do the biz!! or is there anything else. please help!!!!
I'm not sure if Pro/E can import a parasolid yet. I remember that PTC and EDS had signed an agreement to have Pro/E work on importing parasolids. Having said all that, let me try and answer your question. My suggestion would be a step translation, if, of course, you're modeling a solid in either Works or Edge. This is a stable way to get solid information from one package to another.

steve c
Step translation is most definitely the best. It should be pretty easy to do in SolidWorks, just go to Save as in the file menu and then choose the STEP option as the type of file you want to save in the bottom of the Save as window. You'll get the geometry but lose all the parametrics. There is no way to get parametrics into Pro/E from another package.

Hope this helps,

i've been told before that solid works can import proE's parametrics but not the other way. i've even tried to export a proE model to igs and import it back. lost all my feature definitions!!

CADCAM-E ( has developed tools to translate Pro/E feature data to/from SolidWorks and SolidEdge. This is handled by our services group and the entire transaction is done entirely on the web through our innovative work order management system. Please contact our sales department at 248-932-5295 for more information.

Thank you,

Kumar Rajan
Why you want to import something from those packages into ProE. In ProE you can make things, which is impossible to do in Solid Edge and Solid Works


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