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Smooth Curvature continuous cuves


New member
I'm looking for input on the best way to make single segment curvature continuous datum curves that reference multi segment datum curves already created. Specifically if I have a datum curve with a line segment then an arc and I want to make a single segment curvature continuous curve that references and approximates this how do I do it? Approximate curves give undesireable curvature inflections at the line/arc intersection. Perhaps through points datum curves or ISDX would be a good solution. Any input?
If you use isdx and build a free curve using multiple points you can snap to existing geometry ( datum curves included) and tweak until you see what you like. This way you will have much more control at the ends and you can slide the points along the existing geom until the curve plot looks smooth.

If you don't have access to ISDX you can place points along the reference curve, and use them for a through points curve. It may not look right the first time, but continue to add points untill you are satisfied with the result!


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