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Sluggish WF2 Running on HP nw8000


New member
I was wondering if anybody else out there is experiencing the problem I'm having. . .

My company just replaced my desktop with an HP mobile workstation nw8000, a PTC supported/certified hardware for running WildFire 2.0. The problem is, Pro/E would become sluggish and very slow to respond whenever I launch any other application while running Pro/E. The application can be Word, Internet Explorer, AutoCAD, anything. Within minutes of launching any other apps, Pro/E would come to a crawl. This is evidenced by the tangent edges hilites, disappearing really slow whenever the mouse cursor goes over the part.

At this point picking features to modify, or picking entities becomes almost impossible since it takes forever for the screen to refresh. Our MIS has been looking into the issue for about a week now and have been in contact with PTC, but so far, no luck. Shutting down Pro/E and restarting will bring it back up to normal speed, but it would bog down again as soon as another program is started.

Any thoughts or suggestions or help would be extremely appreciated. If not, this laptop is about to become a very expensive footstool!



New member

I have a similar machine and it works good. At least since i installed the last certified driwer We have a couple of these machine and one of the most important thing is RAM. No less than 1.5 GB.

Do you run XP SP2? Because i have noticed a slight slowdown in the general performance since i installed it.



New member

Looks like I may have an older driver installed. Will try and install the driver you mentioned, although that driver has only been certified in PTC's website for build code M080. My WF2 build is M090. But at this point, I'm willing to try anything. Thanks for the tip.

With regards to XP SP2, our MIS has delayed the update to SP2 due to some "technical issues" with other installed applications. Exactly what, I'm not sure.



New member
We are running M090 on 3 of them no problem. One had an issue and it turned out that the swap was moved from the C partition to D, I set it to C and rebooted it 2 times to set the swap and it runs like a champ.
Before we could not even open Word in 2 minutes, now all is good.


New member
The latest driver version for the nw8000 on HP's website is 8.023. . ., not A check in ATI's website does not list the nw8000 laptop as supported for driver version However, PTC's website show that is certified for nw8000.

I'm confused!