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Skill Level


New member
I know its common for employers to place in their ads something like xxxx hrs Pro/E experience required. I was wondering what people actually expect for the level of skill implied. Is there testing or something to verify this?

Do people find it a stumbling block to finding a job?

I am wondering if there is a need for training that goes beyond the week long course. Someplace where people could actually get significant stick time to allow them to apply for job with these requirements.


New member
Number of hours is just another way of expressing experience, like number of years.

The job interview is the verification. PTC last year introduced some kind of testing system for engineers-- you pay them, take a test, and get some kind of certification like Level 1, take another test and get Level 2-- but I don't think it caught on.

Is a lack of hours a stumbling block? Yes. Companies hire people who are going to make money for them. A person with more hours at the tube is usually going to be more proficient at driving the software.

A person needs more than the week long intro course to market themselves as a Pro E driver. Other classses help, but the thing they need more than anything else is real hard core hours in front of the machine making real models.


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