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sketches in 2001


New member
Hi everyone,

Is there a way of say sketching a datum curve or cosmetic sketch and then using that sketch to produce a solid/surface extrude or whatever later in the design process, it would be nice if when creating a protrusion that the system offered an select sketch option, i.e as in sweep when it asks for either sketch a traj or select traj.




When you create the solid/surface and go into sketch mode, Use Edge and pick the curve as a reference. This way, the solid will be related directly to the curve.


Pro/E 2001:

In 2001, just select the curve and then hit the protrusion button. You'll end up with a protrusion that is tied to the original curve. If the curve is modified, the solid will update as well. The protruded feature will continue to be linked to the curve, even after you upgrade to Wildfire.


See proed's answer. In the current version of Wildfire, this is the only way to get the protrusion linked to the original curve. If you try the 2001 method in Wildfire, you will be warned that the curve and the protrusion will be unlinked.

-Brian Adkins