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Sketcher Tools


New member
I swapped out computers at work and copied over my configs and everything but now I am missing my sketching tools (buttons) I am using 2001. I can still sketch using the drop downs but what a pain. How do I get these back? I done some looking around under Customize Screen but anything to do with the sketcher tools is greyed out.

Thank you


New member
To actually have access to the sketcher tools toolbar you need to be in the sktecher environment, whilst in there access your customise screen menu or right click on the toolbars and you should see that sketcher tools are available.



New member
try copying the file form your old computer.. that should do the work.. the buttons are defined there.


New member
Try the following steps : Go to Utilities>Customize scr>categories>Sketcher Tools> At this point all the sketcher tools will appear. You may pick drag and drop them to the tool bars and then save to .. Larry


New member
ok, this might sound dumb, but if you turn the intent manager on, you will get your sketcher toolbar back. There is a setting for always using the intent manager too, it's in your

hope it helps