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sketcher relation and part relation


New member
What is the difference between sketcher relation and pat relation? I use part relation but I have not used sketcher relation. Where the sketcher relation used? Is there a specific application in any feature?


New member
Search Help, Part for "add relations to a section".

I don't know all the in's and out's but think it's just a matter of scope. Generally, I only create sketcher relations when it's necessary to get the section into shape.


Only use part relations unless you really need sketcher relations. Using sketcher relations can require 2 regens before all the values propagate through the model. It has to do with the order in which relations are evaluated. Sketcher relations are only necessary when you want to save a section for use in another model and want the relations to still apply. Otherwise you would have to rewrite the relations everytime you reused the section.