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Sketch references


New member
I went back to change how something was defined, i.e. I wanted to add a new reference and dimenions one of the sketch lines to it.

It won't allow me to add any references or delete existing ones. I tried the edit references, but that only lets me change existing references.

What am I missing?

"References to additional 3D geometry may not be made" is the error message when I try to add a reference.
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New member
I found my problem (forgot to search the forum first), but instead of just saying I SOLVED IT, I'll tell you what the problem was - in case anybody else has the same problem.

I had that particular feature mirrored, and if your feature is being mirrored or copies elsewhere (I assume patterned as well), you cannot delete or change the references. I deleted the mirrored instance and went on my merry way.



New member
When you do that first try to suppress mirroring. Find them
in the features, suppress them, and after that you work on adding new