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sketch an ellipse at an angle


New member
I am modeling a remote control that has some keys with an elliptical shape rotated at different angles. It looks like Pro/E only allows for ellipses to be drawn in horizontal and vertical directions only. Does anyone know how to created ellipses at different angles in a single sketch. Your help is greatly appreciated.
create a sketcher point. Sketch a centerline through it

sketch another centerline through the point, perpendicular to the first. Use the Conic section tool to sketch 1/4 of the ellipse with the ends attached to the verical and horizontal of 1 quadrant. Set the angles at 90. Set RHO, (the funny .5 that seems to be useless to .414). Select the conic, mirror it one way. Select both conics and mirror it again the other way. Add dimensions for the semi-major and semi minor axis and away you go.

Good luck.
Thank you very much kvision! Your tip did the trick for me. However, It am wondering why PTC doesn't provide more flexibility in sketching ellipses such as, in this case, sketching at an angle.
Hello Kvision,

Thank you sir,

we have faced a lot of problem in drawing ellipse. Thank you.

Hello Kvision,

I am impressed too. But I found another problem of default RHO value. It is 1 in my system. How to set the default to a desired value?

Thanks in advance.


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